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NEAT Bingo Extravaganza


Support NEAT and win some cash! Bingo cards are available at selected retailers here in Fort St. John and area. Play on our Facebook page - @MooseFM/@EnergeticCity. 


Schedule & Ticket Colours:

Oct 27 – Lime
Nov 3 – Purple
Nov 10 – Grey
Nov 17 – Sky Blue
Nov 24 – Orange
Dec 1 – Lime


NEAT House Rules
The Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) has reviewed the Licensed Charitable Gaming

Rules at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/sports-recreation-arts-and-
culture/gambling/licences/rules-licensed-charitable-gaming.pdf and will be abiding by the following rules:

General Roles & Responsibilities:
-All Directors, Employees and Volunteers will review and sign that they are aware of the Licensed
Charitable Gaming Rules and will be compliant.
-Under Section 2.2 of the Standard Procedures for Independent Bingos, representative board
members will:
-Ensure that the Gaming Event Revenue Report is submitted on the GOS website within
90 days of the expiry of the gaming license

-The Executive Director will be the Bingo Manager and will designate duties to the Treasurer,
Employees, Community Partners, and Volunteers.
-The Bingo Manager, NEAT’s bookkeeper, and the Moose FM station owner/manager will
be registered as gaming workers with GPEB
-The Bingo Manager and the person responsible for the event finances will be separate

-Directors and employees of the Northern Environmental Action Team and those Moose FM
employees directly involved in the Bingo process are not permitted to purchase cards, to play
games, or to win funds.

Game Procedures:
-All games will be broadcast on Moose FM’s Facebook Live,
-Visually, viewers will see the full drawing of the numbers overlaid on the Facebook Live stream
using electronic software that will overlay the two live feeds and broadcast simultaneously.
-The Northern Environmental Action Team plans on commencing weekly Facebook Live Bingo
Games on Tuesday evenings commencing on August 18, 2020 with the session to start at 7:00 pm.
-An introduction with an explanation of the rules will start at 7:00 pm prior to the start of the
games and a review of the vendors will be given so viewers and listeners are aware of locations
of sales. Sales and game information will be repeated on MooseFM (CKFU-FM) for promotion
purposes only and will include the GAMING POLICY AND ENFORCEMENT BRANCH (GPEB)
caution against gambling on radio and TV.

-Each game and the prize available will be announced prior to starting
-Games will be played until a winner is determined
-In the case of a technical problems (i.e. Internet outage), the game is postponed to the following
Tuesday and all vendors and the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch will be notified.

-Rules for advertising will be followed at all times with the GAMING POLICY AND ENFORCEMENT
BRANCH (GPEB) caution against gambling on radio and TV.

Bingo Cards & Purchases:
 -4-Up Cards are sold for $5.00 each and there are no discounts on cards. There are no additional
- Bingo cards are 4 up and will include 5 colors – Orange, Sky Blue, Lime, Grey, and Purple
- All Bingos are combination games with four consecutive games – one line – two lines any way –
large square (all around the outside) – and one full card. These are all played on one card, so
with 4 up the game player actually plays four games at one time.
- Cards colors will be alternated weekly as per the Paper Distribution Company in Richmond, BC.
1-800-663-1195 (Contact: Jim McLean) as approved by the GAMING POLICY AND ENFORCEMENT
- Selection of vendors will be based on community access and will take into consideration the
current climate of social distancing under the COVID-19 pandemic. The vendor will be required
to track and sign off on the number of tickets sold when their tickets are picked up.
- Each vendor is aware that their outlet cannot sell to minors (under 19) and advertising on
Moose FM will address this directly. NEAT is requesting that persons buying tickets show photo
identifications if their age is in question.
- Posters will be supplied to the vendors advertising the sale of Bingo Cards.
- A NEAT employee will pick up cards from vendors in Fort St John, Taylor and the surrounding
area and deliver the next installment of cards. At this time vendors will count the cards that they
receive upon delivery, they will sign for the number of cards sold from the past game and will
return cards which were not sold the previous week.
-NEAT will allow the purchase of cards online through our website (www.neat.ca) where tickets
will be scanned and emailed to the purchaser. The sale will include a disclaimer on the age (“I
certify I am older than 19 and legally able to purchase lottery tickets”) and confirm the address
of the purchaser is within the Province of British Columbia.
- At 5:00 pm on the day of the Bingo Game ticket sales will cease and a designated representative
will verify the amount of cash and unsold cards being picked up at the vendor and will return
both to the NEAT office. In the event of severe weather and/or poor road conditions, the vendor
may be requested to shut down the sales by 3:00 pm and verify the number of sold cards and
unsold cards by telephone or email, plus keep the cash on hand. A representative will be sent to
the vendor as soon as weather/roads permit.

Winnings & Prizes:
- Bingo winners will call Moose FM at 250-787-7100 to confirm their win. Play will halt during this
time. If the winner is confirmed, play will halt. If the winner is not confirmed, play will continue.

- Once a winner has been determined, 2 minutes of air time will be provided for any additional
winners to call in where the question “Are there any other winners” will be asked 3 times. The
prize for that game will be split equally between the confirmed winners. Once the winners have
been determined and play moves on to the next game, no further winners will be accepted.
- Bingo winners will deliver winning tickets, proper BC photo identification, sign for their winnings
and be photographed with their winnings. All winner photographs will be displayed on Facebook
and social media channels operated by both NEAT and Moose FM/EnergeticCity.
-Cheques for winnings will be approved by the Executive Director and distributed at Moose FM
-Funds from the sales of tickets and disbursements to winners will be verified by NEAT’s
Executive Director or their designate. Records of deposits will be maintained by the NEAT’s
bookkeeper and reported to the Treasurer in the monthly financial report.

-The proceeds designated to the Northern Environmental Action Team will be used for:
o Operating and staffing expenses for NEAT programs
o Purchase of new Bingo equipment (i.e. cameras, lenses, microphones, lighting, sound
mixers, diagnostic tools, etc.).
o Software and hardware for editing and delivering program content on Facebook Live
(i.e. personal computer hardware & software for video & audio production).
o Purchasing/upgrading general office equipment

Lottery License #126599

Know your limit, play within it!

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